Our origen

Our journey began with the purpose of addressing the detection of child malnutrition using Computer Vision. We got to work and developed the first version of the body measurement algorithm using Artificial Intelligence, initially starting from a video, and later, based on photos.

As we developed our technology, we began to see its versatility and potential for various industries.

Our focus

Gradually, we built our product, our team, and our culture.

Always with a clear focus: we employ technology and Artificial Intelligence to address specific challenges, generating tangible economic impact for our clients and contributing to a positive impact on society and the environment

Our evolution

Today, we facilitate users to get the right size during the purchasing process, improving user satisfaction, increasing sales, and reducing returns.

We are continuously evolving our technology and the use cases where we can add value.

Our Impact

Aitaca was born with the clear purpose of making an impact on society. Through our technology, we are setting a new standard in the industry, demonstrating that it is possible to achieve business success without compromising ecological values.

Our technology not only generates business impact, but also contributes tangibly to reducing environmental impact by decreasing returns and unnecessary travel.

Do you know where our name comes from?

Itaca – Konstantino Kavafis

When you embark on your trip to Ithaca
It asks for the path to be long,
full of adventures, full of experiences.
Do not fear the Laestrygonians or the Cyclops
nor the wrathful Poseidon,
You will never find such beings on your path,
If your thinking is high, if you select
It is the emotion that touches your spirit and your body.
Neither the Laestrygonians nor the Cyclops
nor will you find the savage Poseidon,
If you don’t carry them inside your soul,
if your soul does not raise them before you.

It asks for the path to be long.
May there be many summer mornings
when you arrive – with what pleasure and joy! –
to ports never seen before.
Stop at the emporiums of Phenicia
and get your hands on beautiful merchandise,
mother-of-pearl and coral, amber and ebony
and all kinds of sensual perfumes,
the more abundant sensual perfumes you can.
Go to many Egyptian cities
to learn, to learn from his wise men.

Always keep Ithaca in your mind.
Getting there is your destiny.
But never rush the trip.
Better that it lasts for many years
and dock, old man, on the island,
enriched by how much you earned along the way
without putting up with Ithaca to enrich you.

Ithaca gave you such a beautiful trip.
Without it you would not have started the path.
But he has nothing more to give you.

Even if you find her poor, Ithaca has not deceived you.
So, wise as you have become, with so much experience,
You will now understand what the Ithacas mean.


Paz Vega

CEO / CoFounder

Jose Vega

CFO / CoFounder



Álex Marquez

Head of Sales

Susana Ruano

Head of AI

Dora Papp

Computer Vision Engineer

Miguel Pazos

Software Engineer

Alba Llamazares

Marketing Specialist