Aitaca closes 2023 with a financing round of 635,000 euros

Aitaca closes a financing round worth 635,000 euros, with the support of public and private investors, among which Brain VC, a fund specialized in Artificial Intelligence, stands out.

Fail fast, fail cheap

“At La Nave they encourage us to make mistakes in a faster and more economical way”

The journey of Aitaca, the startup that wants to get online fashion out of the pit of returns

The startup bases its business on identifying an unsolved problem: size predictions and recommendations.

Artificial Intelligence determines your size

The revolution comes to the world of fashion: Artificial Intelligence also finds out your size.

The innovative development of entrepreneurs

A space for the growth and consolidation of startups.

Aitaca, the startup that uses AI to determine your size with a photo

Artificial intelligence has come to revolutionize all niches, including measurement.

AI applied to virtual measurements

From the fashion industry, to jewelry and even in the field of social initiatives.

The startup that has changed the paradigm of body measurements

We have gone from the culture of effort to the culture of immediacy.

International day of women and girls in science

Las Rozas promotes the role of women in STEM careers.

Just Eat Spain inaugurates the Women JET Tech Talks cycle

A cycle of different meetings focused on the role of women in technology.

AI for good

Aitaca becomes the 47th company awarded by Netmentora Madrid.

Aitaca, finalist project in the 2022 Entrepreneurs Award

Aitaca could be defined as a digital measuring tape.